Today, I have been asked how i'd describe my relationship with Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt is not only the city i was born, it is the city where i still live. Actually, this was a challenging question, because i didn't want to answer "Frankfurt is an awesome city", because this is just not true in my personal perception. On the other hand: I truly love this city.

After a few minutes of thinking and texting (over messenger) i came up with this:

I grew up here (in Frankfurt) and until today i always came back. It is a hate-love relationship, though. I love the people living here. I mean: Not the people who just come to work in the morning and leave the city end of business. But this is the majority, because the commuting area around Frankfurt is vast. The single most crazy thing about Frankfurt is: It always tries so hard to be more than it actually is! Frankfurt is not a metropolis. It is not even a very big city. It has a great cultural heritage, but this heritage is ever so often cloaked with screaming commerce, the shadows from a bunch of skyscrapers and false promises.

So what is Frankfurt to me? Let's give it a try:

Frankfurt is an awesome city if you are willing to look past all the sugar coating and find the not immediately obvious qualities of a charming mid-sized town and its down-to-earth inhabitants. This is the true character of Frankfurt, as seen by a native citizen like me.