My name is Stefan and i'm an information technoloy loving tinkerer. I have developed a passion for the so-called Internet of Things and artificial intelligence in distributed systems.

In a broader sense this means that i'm interested in the ways networked technology can help us to improve life and society. On the contrary i'm also considering the possible threats and socio-cultural implications of interconnected systems. The balance between what is possible today and desirable in the long term has to be carefully considered.

When it comes to everyday life, i'm into software engineering and systems architecture. Being a craftsman and teamworker, but not a commander, i'm an advocate for DevOps and agile culture. I particularly believe in the values of empathy and respect when working collaboratively, no matter if it's for profit or for charity.

The above-mentioned values are very important to me, because i've learned that technology is easy when you are in love with it, but being a better human is a lifelong challenge.