Do you know what an awesome-list is?

I am not talking about a shopping list, the movie Schindler's List or a piece of code with an array consisting of the names from all pokémon.

I am talking about a best practice for naming community-curated lists of valuable things on the internet. If this sounds like a bookmark list to you, you're right. It is the same as a well-kept bookmark list for a certain topics, but with more than only one contributor and usually a strict policy for contributions to ensure constant quality.

As far as i know this has started on Github a few years ago with awesome-python and a few years later there are so many of these lists, that sindresorhus started a *meta-*list of awesome lists called awesome.

Many of these lists also have their own websites with different "frontends" which is usually some HTML and JavaScript goodness for faster scrolling, searching and navigating.

Coming from search technology it struck me that there should be a search engine which federates all these lists. As it turns out there is already such a thing called which looks like it may be really helpful to wade through this little universe of awesomeness ;-)